Customs advice & declaration

Our customs declarants advise and support you on customs regulations.

Service : Douane

Customs Operations

Facilitate vehicle exit procedures at the port of destination.

Customs clearance

The information on each consignment contained in the transport unit must be accurate and complete.

Before shipping your goods, please ensure that you have provided our transport and customs departments with all the documentation and information required in advance.

On the basis of the data required for exit from the European Union, the UK customs clearance is established while the goods are crossing between the two countries.

If no physical or documentary control of the goods is decided by Customs, the vehicle will be allowed to leave the port for its final destination upon disembarkation at the terminal.

Customs declaration

Commercial invoice and packing list

Mandatory information, to be checked on your invoices and packing list before any customs application:

- The nomenclature of your products (Hs Code)

- The certificate of origin

- Incoterms

Check List













Valeur totale/Total Value


Poids net/Net weight

Poids brut/Gross weight

Douane IMPORT/IMPORT Customs

Douane EXPORT/EXPORT Customs


Nature du colisage/Type of packaging

Duties and Taxes

Service : Douane, Opérations Douanières

Our Click & Pay procedure.

FOR EXPORT your sales are exempt from VAT in the EU/UK direction.

ON IMPORT you will be liable for VAT, duties and taxes.

If you benefit from the reverse charge You will be able to regularise the VAT in your quarterly or monthly declarations according to your habits. (valid until 31/12/2021)

Otherwise, you will have to pay the VAT advanced by your RDE without delay.

Our procedure CLICK & PAY allows you, if you are an importer, to pay the duties and taxes due immediately by bank transfer.

Warehouse under IST

Your customs logistics

Temporary storage facility

The introduction of goods into the European Union requires the payment of import duties and taxes.

Representative As a registered customs broker, we offer you a global handling of your non-EU goods, in the strictest respect of the customs regulations.

- Secure transport of your goods

- Reception and storage in our warehouses under IST

- Managing your stocks

Our AEO certification, safety, security and customs simplifications ensure transparency and faster procedures.

AEO Full

A demanding certification, which guarantees our good financial health and our mastery of the processes of the customs regulations.

The AEO Label

Customs simplification safety - security

This quality label, issued by the French Customs Service, is recognised throughout the European Union and in countries that have signed mutual recognition agreements.

Service : Douane

Our accreditations

Advantages and guarantees of FULL AEO status

Customs simplifications :

- Facilitation and acceleration of international trade.

- Reduce the time and complexity of your import/export declarations.

Safety - Security :

- Secure your shipments, against fraud and terrorism.

- Priority treatment at customs controls

- Reduction in the number of disputes, physical and documentary checks to which your goods are subjected.