16,000 m² of storage space, near the cross-Channel port of Dieppe. 

Service : Logistique

Efficient, flexible and responsive logistics solutions.

palette de stockage

Our services :

  • Reception in packages, pallets or containers.
  • Container unloading.
  • Quality control.
  • Sort by reference.
  • Preparation by the unit, by the box, by the pallet.
  • Order preparation and picking.
  • Palletising, repackaging and labelling.
  • Cross-docking.
  • Storage.

Storage in dedicated or shared areas.

Flow of finished products, semi-finished products, spare parts or raw materials, we store your goods, according to their typology or their constraints.

Our related services:

  • Computerised stock management (FIFO type).
  • WMS and data transmission.
  • Information technology via EDI.
  • Inventory, tracking and tracing.
Service Logistique